What We Do

LEXBRAZIL provides legal support, paralegal and administrative services and consultancy for matters in Brazil, for persons and businesses/organizations abroad.

You can count with legal support that is transparent, committed, fast, trustworthy and fees that are fair. The work is done by a network of attorneys spread throughout Brazil, all who have passed the Bar exam of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), or by appropriate professionals (e.g. process server). The work is coordinated by attorney Ana Paula Moreira (OAB/RJ) – see résumé here.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Serve Court Papers in Brazil

  • Serve divorce or other court papers or summons.
  • We'll remit proof of service back.

Informal Person / Business Information Search

  • Find location, identifiers, alternative names, etc.
  • Information we agree to divulge will depend on case.

Written Statements

  • Obtain letters or documentation attesting to facts in Brazil, e.g. for immigration or asylum processes abroad.
  • Obtain statements containing legal briefs or result of legal research.
  • All documents signed by attorney or area expert attesting to facts.

Legal Discovery

  • Find out if there are lawsuits pending against you in Brazil.
  • Secure the status of an ongoing case.
  • Secure the sentence of a closed case.
  • Obtain legal briefing of a single, group of cases or jurisprudence.

Electronic Copies of Legal Documents

  • Receive electronic copies of court documents.
  • If only hard copies are available (older cases), we will physically retrieve and digitize document at appropriate courts throughout Brazil.

Legal Representation in Brazil

  • Legal representation in court.
  • For longer engagements, see Consultancy below.


  • In Brazilian Law and Judicial System.
  • Aid in searching for attorney or legal firm for long-term litigation.

Your specific need is not listed? Contact us to find out if we can help. Even if we don’t we may be able to point you in the right direction.