Finding the runaway ex-husband in Brazil

Finding the runaway ex-husband in Brazil

A US attorney contacted Lex Brazil asking for help serving documents in Brazil. His client, Felicia*, an American, married Carlos*, a Brazilian who ran away to Brazil. Felicia began divorce proceedings in California and when it came time to serve Carlos the problem became apparent. If they could not serve Carlos in the regular manner, the alternatives would take much longer and cost much more.

To make matters worse, LexBrazil noticed that Carlos had given Felicia a partial and wrong address! 

First, we found Carlos' correct address, as well as other pertinent information via databases we have access to. The attorney then sent us the documents to be served - forms FL-100 and FL-110 - in PDF format. We then actioned our representative in Carlos' city, who printed the forms and served them at Carlos' home (to his great surprise!). Finally, we sent back the signed FL-115 form as proof of service to Felicia and her attorney.

Case closed. What would have been a headache to the attorney and her client was instead solved within a week with the help of LexBrazil. 

Find out how we can help you find and serve your client's (or your) ex in Brazil.


*We changed names to mantain privacy.

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