Bad property title in Brazil. Now what?

Bad property title in Brazil

Tiago*, a Brazilian residing in the US, bought a property in his native city. Like many immigrants abroad, Tiago purchased this property while working in the US, and was not present in Brazil when the deed was signed. Later on, while on vacation in Brazil he found out that various documents for the property had errors and that the he had a bad property title / deed.

He was afraid that the property was illegally occupied by his family, given the grave mistakes in the documentation. He returned to the US without having time to resolve this issue, and not knowing what to do, was introduced to LexBrazil. We looked at the situation and provided Tiago with legal and administrative consulting on (1) what the legal issues where, (2) what the options where, and (3) the suggested course of action.

With this legal guidance Tiago was able to navigate the process of rectifying the title for his property without hiring an attorney, avoiding further costs and maximizing his investment.

Find out what how we can help you with a similar issue in Brazil.

* We changed names to maintain privacy

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